We’re back once more to round up our list of Remarkable Places in Greece. We’re covering a wide array of natural wonders – from crumbling ruins and flowing rivers to chiseled canyon monasteries and even an underwater village!

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1. Lichadonisia Complex

Photo By: Constantinos Iliopoulos/Shutterstock

With lush foliage, soft sand beaches, and practically zero tourists, the Lichadonisia complex is truly paradise on earth. These seven islands were formed by an earthquake almost 2,500 years ago. Most visitors go to the largest island Manolia (there’s a pretty beach bar right on the coast), although all the other ones are worth visiting on a boat tour as well.


2. Cliff Walk Agia Paraskevi, Zagori

Photo By: Heracles Kritikos/Shutterstock

Calling all daredevils! This heart-racing walk to the abandoned Monastery of Saint Paraskevi is a thrilling experience for those visiting Zagori. Carved into the cliffs of the Vikos Gorge, this monastery can be reached by navigating the narrow pathway that winds up the side of the canyon walls.


3. Hot Springs/Healing Spa at Edipsos

Photo By: Aerial-motion/Shutterstock

This historic village on the coast of the North Euboean Sea is known for its healing hot springs. There are 80 different springs located in the area, making it one of the most prominent spa towns in all of Greece. The water ranges anywhere from 82 to 186 degrees (the latter is definitely too hot to soak!) and is said to aid with health problems like arthritis, inflammation, and tendonitis.


4. Pavlopetri

Photo By: University of Nottingham

Not all remarkable places in Greece have to be on land! This lost city off the coast of southern Laconia in Peloponnese is one of the oldest underwater cities on the planet, dating back more than 5,000 years. Although it was submerged during an earthquake, it’s still a complete village with in-tact buildings, streets, and even tombs.


5. Ruins of Rentina

Photo By: Kostas Chaidemenos/Wikipedia

It’s hard to believe these crumbling ruins were once considered to be part of the most affluent city in ancient Greece. Some of the buildings date back to 321 BC, although the most impressive structure is the Byzantine church built in the 10th century overlooking the rest of the village.


6. Giola Lagoon, Thassos

Photo By: Balate Dorin

This stunning natural pool sits on the edge of the island of Thassos. It’s barely separated from the ocean by a thin bridge of rocks, creating a pristine emerald-green pool perfect for a relaxing swim. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to reach by car, so be prepared to hike almost a mile from the road.

7. Holy Kipinas Monastery

Photo By: Sergey Berestetsky/Shutterstock

Carved into the side of the Tzomumerka Mountains is this architectural masterpiece known as the Holy Kipinas Monastery. This fortress-like structure was built in 1212 and was subsequently used to hide refugees during the Ottoman Empire. While it has since been abandoned, you can still get the keys from the nearby Taverna to visit the monastery yourself.


8. Mount Athos, Kakoudia Beach

Photo By: Porojnicu Stelian/Shutterstock

This exotic beach in Halkidiki is a remote landscape marked by rolling rocks, golden yellow sand, and massive crashing waves. Although it’s located next to a small fishing village, it’s hardly ever occupied, which means you can enjoy this Remarkable Place in Greece in complete peace and silence.

9. Kalymnos Rock Climbing

Photo By: Photobac/Shutterstock

Considered to be the best destination for rock climbing in the world, Kalymnos is a remarkable place in Greece for adventure enthusiasts. It boasts over 3,400 routes with varying levels of difficulty. Most of the crags are near Myrties, Masouri, and Armeos, although you can find climbable limestone rocks scattered all over the entire island.


10. Petrino Dasos

Photo By: Andrei Nekrassov/Shutterstock

Hidden in the middle of the Vikos Gorge is this stunning stone forest of delicate stacked rock formations. They rise up like massive towers overlooking the groves of maples and oaks, creating a bizarre stone skyline. The best view is from the Oxia Viewpoint, which gazes out over the valley of these unique formations.


11. Stefanos Crater

Photo By: OleOleg/Shutterstock

One of the biggest and best preserved hydrothermal volcanoes on the planet is located right here on Nisyros. Its 2.5-mile wide caldera is still active (although it’s been over 140 years since it last erupted), which explains why you can still smell sulfur permeating the crust of the crater.

12. Potamida

The angular, clay pyramids of Potamida are a natural phenomenon you won’t want to miss during your trip to Crete. They may not be the largest structures out there, but their baren-like appearance is juxtaposed against the lush, fertile surroundings of the nearby landscape, which makes Potamida a truly unique sight to see!


13. Kokkinopilos

Photo By: yiannisscheidt/Shutterstock

Covering over 600 acres of land in northern Greece, Kokkinopilos feels like you’ve just stepped foot on a martian landscape. This area of rolling red hills (which are actually iron oxide clay) is considered to be the oldest archeological site in the country. Artifacts that were excavated are believed to date back to the Lower Palaeolithic period, which occurred in 250,000 BC.


14. Kato Lako, Karpathos

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Soak in the sun on the shores of your very own private beach when you journey to Kato Lako Karpathos. This off-the-beaten path beach can only be reached by foot or boat, so it’s likely you’ll have the entire thing to yourself during your visit. And trust us – it’s worth the effort once you see the transparency of the azure waters and white pebble coastline.

15. Messolongi Salt Pans

Photo By: Dimitris Panas/Shutterstock

Located on the largest lagoon in Greece, the Messolongi Salt Pans is the country’s largest producer of salt. Here, you’ll have a picturesque view of the glistening marshes and neighboring small towns, as well as a few resident flamingos who have flocked to the salt-filled lagoon to nest and feed.

16. River Louros Springs

Photo By: Stelios Androulidakis/Shutterstock

Although most locals rely on the River Louros for drinking water, it also attracts visitors far and wide for its crystal clear lake (many say it has the clearest water in all of Greece!). The water is fed by an underground spring, so it’s perfect for a refreshing swim in warmer weather, although during the rest of the year, you can come to hike or have a picnic.


17. Acheron River

Photo By: Aerial-motion/Shutterstock

Starting in the town of Zotiko and flowing into the Ionian Sea, the Archeron River is one of Northwestern Greece’s most stunning natural wonders. It’s one of the five rivers of the Greek underworld according to Greek mythology and has been cited by Homer, Virgil, and even Plato. One dip in the refreshing waters and you’ll immediately see why this river is one of the most iconic bodies of water in the country.

18. Lake Doxa

Photo By: Fotis Fotopoulos/Unsplash

Although Lake Doxa is completely man-made, that doesn’t take away from the fact this it’s one of the most stunning places to see in Greece! It’s surrounded by lush green fir and pine trees, making this alpine-like lake a pleasant alternative to many of the other tropical destinations in the country.

19. Matala Beach, Crete

Photo By: Georgios Tsichlis/Shutterstock

Despite having turquoise waters and golden sands, Matala Beach has more to offer than a picturesque place to swim or sunbathe. Carved into the surrounded cliffs are dozens of man-made caves, which historians believe were used as home thousands of years ago. More recently, the caves were occupied by hippies in the 1960s (you can experience how they lived by visiting during the annual Matala Beach Festival).

20. Roman Aquaduct of Ancient Nikopolis

Photo By: kostasgr/Shutterstock

Built at the end of the 1st century BC during Roman rule, the Roman Aquaduct of Nikopolis is one of Augustus Caesar’s most impressive accomplishments. The aquaduct stretches for over 30 miles and was once used to supply drinking water from the Louros Valley to the villagers of ancient Nikopolis.

So, where in Greece would you like to head to now? Maybe to the ancient capital of Athens or perhaps to a deserted island in the middle of the Aegean? No matter where you’re planning on visiting, one thing is for sure – Greece is one Remarkable Place full of exciting adventures!


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