To our Remarkable Community,

Due to covid, we were forced to disconnect from one another, and anchor down in isolation as we lost hundreds of thousands of people to Covid-19. Travel, as we knew it, came to a complete halt.

So, where do we go from here? One year later, and the world is still trying to find its new normal. There are still tons of travel restrictions and regulations in place. For us at Remarkable Places, travel is life. It’s what we do, it’s who we are. The travel lockdown happened right after we excitedly announced 6 new Remarkable Experiences for you all in 2020. Although we were happy to sacrifice our group trips for the greater good, boyyyy, do we miss having free reign to explore all over Mama Earth. We know you probably miss it too.

Since we’re still in a state of uncertainty, our 2021 Remarkable Experiences are on hold as well. We knew we could not wait another year to do the very thing we look forward to the most as a company – the opportunity to connect with members of the Remarkable Community in person and create new friendships in Remarkable Places.

If 2020 has taught us anything, it was how to get creative with connection. We have spent the last few months thinking of other ways to connect with you all. We have decided that since you are not able to travel with us – we decided to bring even more travel to you!

So, the Remarkable Blog was born. With this new area of our brand we hope to bring some of the travel magic back into our lives through highly curated content that will get you excited again to start planning your next trip (hopefully soon!)

We are painstakingly (but loving) scouring all corners of the web to find the most Remarkable Places on Planet Earth. We are working with the best localized photographers.  We have teamed up with travelers from all over the globe to share their stories that are all inspiring, beautiful and evocative. We hope that when it comes time to hop on that plane, you’ll know exactly where you want to go.

We hope you can travel with us digitally until we can visit Remarkable Places together once again.

++Angelique Velez++


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Welcome to the Remarkable Places blog! We have teamed up with writers and travelers from across the globe to inspire your visions boards… and help you make it to these Remarkable Places too!

Angelique Velez